Sunday, May 3, 2015
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National Meditation Specialist Certification Board


National Meditation Specialist Certification Board

The National Meditation Specialist Certification Board is the first meditation specialist credentialing organization in the United States.

NMSB's certification and specialist program validate meditation specialist skills, knowledge, and abilities. NMS board certification and recognition empowers specialists within their professional sphere of activity and contributes to better client and patient outcomes.

More than 300 health care providers have taken the training since 2006.  Approximately 70 have obtained board certification.

Why Does Certification Matter?

  • NMS board certified specialists have met strong professional development standards.
  • NMS certification exams are a fair and accurate measure of professional competency.
  • NMS certification is now becoming accepted by governing boards, insurers, and the military.
  • NMS board certified specialists are in the greatest demand and command the highest salaries.

The NMSB is passionate about helping you on your journey to defining meditation as a complimentary therapy!

Certification in Meditation

Certification as a Meditation Specialist is obtained through the National Meditation Specialist  Certification Board (NMSCB) which is a separate entity from the Center for Meditation Science (CMS).  NMSCB is the only national credentialing corporation for Meditation Specialists.  NMSCB works with the CMS as both organizations support and facilitate the understanding and growth of meditation as a therapy.

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        Certification is the process that a non-governmental authority uses to grant recognition to an individual who has met specified qualifications and competencies in a defined area of practice.  Based on predetermined standards of professional practice, a meditation specialist validates her/his qualifications and specialized clinical knowledge for practice by seeking the credential conferred by such an authority.

        Certification is a voluntary process and should not be confused with a legal professional license. The National Meditation Specialist Certification Board (NMSCB) is responsible for the Certification Processes of Meditation Specialists.


  • Establishes minimum knowledge and competency standards for Meditation as a  practice,
  • Assures the public that the certified meditation specialist has completed all eligibility requirements to earn a credential verifying he/she has achieved the level of knowledge and competency required for practice of   meditation as a therapy, and      
  • Recognizes those practitioners who have met those standards.

The Meditation Specialist ™ Competency Training, provides the art and science of meditation, as well as the technology behind it, in order to offer the most comprehensive training currently available.

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